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About Us

XDA is an effective platform that delivers a practical market experience with a unique quality that is facilitated with an inspiring infrastructure that empower youth of today to become professionals of tomorrow.

XDA is a subsidiary company of X Digital Group (XDG), XDG provides a fully fledged software solution that is customized to fit business needs. A tailored solution that lets enterprises utilize their resources on an effective and efficient way while keeping all processes under control.

To achieve XDA mission , an educational model has been produced with all required skills as well as an educational process is prepared that ensure the candidate is graduated as a qualified professional.

X Digital Academy provides a group of digital courses and workshops that are needed in the market for future professionals, XDA shorten the way between companies and candidates by filling the gap between real practical instructor and students.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to provide commendable academic support programs and services that provides a benchmark education that can raise the quality of candidates who work in the ICT sector.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to Empower candidates from personal and technical perspective to have a knowledge transfer from market experience that qualify them for a professional career path.

Meet Instructors

Ahmed Hamdy

Ahmed Hamdy is such a unique HR professional who is 10 year experienced in HR field .He has a superior…
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Hassan Magdy

Hassan Magdy the Guru Software Engineer is a Technical Team Leader X Digital Group, he is an enthusiastic and pragmatic…
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Ramy Mostafa

Ramy Mostafa founder of Security Zone. An independent security & architecture consultant, trainer and speaker. With passion for ethical hacking…
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Salma Ali

Salma Ali is an Aggressive iOS Developer X Digital Group, she has a huge experience in working in multinational projects…
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Sherif Selim

Sherief Selim Solutions Architect Monster PhD student at MIT, Wireless Technology Standards Development Expert (IEEE, ICC, IDC, IoT). He brings…
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Simone Samir

Simone Samir is a Creative Designer at X Digital Group, she is a young visual artist, born and raised in…
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