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Ahmed Hamdy

Ahmed Hamdy is such a unique HR professional who is 10 year experienced in HR field .He has a superior…
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Hassan Magdy

Hassan Magdy the Guru Software Engineer is a Technical Team Leader X Digital Group, he is an enthusiastic and pragmatic…
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Ramy Mostafa

Ramy Mostafa founder of Security Zone. An independent security & architecture consultant, trainer and speaker. With passion for ethical hacking…
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Salma Ali

Salma Ali is an Aggressive iOS Developer X Digital Group, she has a huge experience in working in multinational projects…
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Sherif Selim

Sherief Selim Solutions Architect Monster PhD student at MIT, Wireless Technology Standards Development Expert (IEEE, ICC, IDC, IoT). He brings…
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Simone Samir

Simone Samir is a Creative Designer at X Digital Group, she is a young visual artist, born and raised in…
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